Ciaccia Imports History

Our father, Antonio Ciaccia and our grandparents Nonna Maria and Nonno Antonio Ciaccia opened the first Ciaccia's International Importers of Fine Foods in 1962 at Bull's Head Plaza in Rochester, NY. This business was the first in the area to make submarine sandwiches from fresh bakery bread and Italian deli meats as well as the first to import products from Italy, such as Nutella, San Pellegrino Mineral Water, and specialty Pastas.

In 1968 our family opened another location -183 Lee Road in Gates, NY now run by sisters, Stephanie & Annemarie Ciaccia. In 1987, Ines Ciaccia(3rd sister) opened Ciaccia's II- 3759 Dewey Ave Greece, NY which both still serve the greater Rochester community.