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Lee Road

Italian Tuna Salad in Olive Oil

Pepperoncini, balsamic extra virgin olive oil dressing, fresh cut romaine lettuce mixed with green & red lettuce, grape tomatoes, red onions, chick peas, sliced black olives, & homemade croutons.

Side Salad $7.99Lunch Salad $12.99
Salad Toppings:Add Bacon +$1.50Add Feta +$1Add Crumbly Bleu Cheese +$1Add Hard Boiled Egg +$1.25Add Grilled Chicken - Side Salad +$1Add Grilled Chicken - Lunch Salad +$1.75
Additional Dressing:2 oz. Additional Dressing +$0.504 oz. Additional Dressing +$0.75EXTRA DRESSING 2oz +$0.75EXTRA DRESSING 4oz +$0.99
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